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People Don’t Buy Services, They Buy Better Version of Themselves

Let’s shine a spotlight on the nuanced world of business communication, particularly differentiating between features and benefits. Although they might seem like two sides of the same coin, they couldn’t be more distinct.

🔍 Let’s Break it Down 🔍

Features are the tangible aspects of your service – its nuts and bolts, its mechanics, its functionality.

Conversely, benefits are the impactful outcomes or results that customers can anticipate from using your service. They’re the reasons why your service can augment your customer’s business or personal life.

Sound good? Let’s illuminate these concepts with a practical example.

Suppose you’re a business mentor. 💼


❌ The Feature-Focused Angle ❌

“As an experienced business mentor, I offer bi-weekly mentoring sessions, practical growth strategies, and a comprehensive review of your business model.”

This statement is feature-heavy. It talks about your service, but not why it matters.


✔️ The Benefit-Focused Angle ✔️

“Are you poised to turbocharge your business success and navigate the entrepreneurial waters with confidence? As your business mentor, I’ll guide you in identifying untapped opportunities, developing powerful growth strategies, and refining your business model for optimum performance. With our bi-weekly mentoring sessions, we’ll design a unique roadmap that accelerates your path to business success.”

This statement is brimming with benefits. It paints a picture of the transformation the client will experience.


💡 Key Insight 💡

At the end of the day, customers aren’t just buying a service, they’re investing in the promise of a better business future. So, when presenting your service, aim to pivot the discussion from the features of your service to the business-enhancing benefits it provides.

Wishing you impactful communication and business prosperity! 🗣️🚀

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