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Are you ready for 1:1 support to grow into, or to scale, a solid six figure business?

Entrepreneurs must strengthen their managing skills and …

“Evaluate how the distribution of value flows in their business ecosystem if they are to grow their businesses.” -(or even think of taking time off).

But guess what . . . 

I know that, as an entrepreneur, you have no interest in what I just said.

I know you want to be “in” your business because that’s what you love to do.

Working “on” your business was not your initial intent…  And here you are.

And now you have to face It . . . 

You’re Stuck.

Starting a company is hard. Finding consistent predictable results is harder. Growing and scaling is even harder.

That’s where we come in…

We help entrepreneurs establish the foundation to achieve consistent predictable results and help them grow & scale their business.

We will develop a framework for you (based on our industry standard unique Framework) fully customized to your business and personal needs so you can leverage your time and resources, automate what you don’t need to do manually, and establish a platform for profit and predictable growth.

To get started book a call with me. One-On-One coaching is limited.

Do you relate to any of these?

Six Months to a Stable Six Figure Business.

Private 1:1 coaching with Margie Witko



Imagine a thriving business which gives you a lifestyle where:



What you just imaged can be achieved by:



Decide how much you want to grow from there because you will have built the foundation that allows you to scale your business to upper six figures in the shortest time possible. There is no cap.

What We'll Cover

Private coaching is for clients who want me to work with them at an intimate level. This means I fully participate in your business as a business strategist and marketing coach. I help you prepare and package your services for marketing, provide training, and handle all the technology implementation.

I help you design your own blueprint. Together, we reverse engineer your BEST year. Through a specific process we take your financial goals, lifestyle needs, desired impact and plug this into a strategic plan that can be easily executed on.

Although we start with a blueprint, yours is custom designed according to your lifestyle, financial, and other goals. I help you reverse engineer the numbers and the action steps needed to ensure your goals materialize.

What You'll Get

In this private program we customize 8 key areas so you can create the clients and wealth you desire predictably.

Investment $9,697
Full pay or payment plan
Receive a Canva Pro account with full pay
Payment Plan: $4,997 and 4 payments of $1,175

To get started book a call with me below. One-On-One coaching is limited.

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